Wednesday, January 30, 2013

***Resolved*** Banner & Sakai Affected By Power Issue 1/30

WHAT: Banner & Sakai services interrupted by power issues

UPDATE: 01/31/2013  8:05am
WHEN: 01/30/2013 5:19pm

Current Status: Resolved


**UPDATE 01/31/2013  8:05am** Sakai file uploads have been restored.

**UPDATE 01/31/2013  6:10am** Sakai is available, but there are verified reports of issues with uploading files. Sakai is unable to access network storage where the files are uploaded and stored. The issue is being investigated.

**UPDATE 01/30/2013  10:45pm**  As of 9:57pm it appears all services have been restored.  Further investigation & testing will be conducted tomorrow in order to identify root causes and options for future mitigation.

The PLU Library Data Center experienced a power issue that caused a couple of core computer services to go offline.  We have already restored the login system that caused Sakai and a handful of other services to become unavailable.  Unfortunately, Banner is still offline and we are still working to identify the root cause of that issue.

Service(s) Impacted: Sakai and Banner

Check for periodic updates.

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