Thursday, September 19, 2013

***Resolved*** PLU Primary Internet Connection Down - 9/19/13 12:15am

WHAT: PLU Internet Connection Down

WHEN: 9/19/13 12:15am  Duration: approximately 1 hour

Current Status: Closed

Description: Shortly after 1am our connection was restored by our ISP. The root cause is under investigation, but currently underdetermined so a reoccurrence is still possible though not expected.

Original Post:  Around midnight PLU began experiencing connectivity issues through our primary Internet provider.  We are in the process of contacting our ISP now to notify them and, hopefully, determine when service will be restored.  The root cause of the problem is currently undetermined so estimated time to repair will not be available until the cause is identified.

Service(s) Impacted: Internet connectivity

Next Update:  As needed

Root Cause / Continuous Improvement:  A device issue experienced by our ISP resulted in a configuration problem.  The end result was connectivity issues for PLU, which have since been resolved.  We do not anticipate a recurrence of this issue at this time.

Check for periodic updates.

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