Thursday, August 21, 2014

*Update* Campus Telephone & Voicemail System Upgrades - Friday, August 22nd, 6pm-Midnight

WHAT: Campus Telephone & Voicemail System Upgrades

WHEN: 08/22/2014 Duration: 6:00pm-Midnight

WHERE: Campuswide

Current Status: Closed

Work by I&TS and our vendor partners to upgrade the campus phone system was completed over the past weekend.  This work involved a complete overhaul of the telephone system serving all 1648 extensions across campus.

Our team has worked extensively over the last several days testing and troubleshooting a variety of issues and concerns that have been identified following the completion of the upgrade process.  The majority of the systemic or broadly impacting issues as well as telephone services supporting life safety services have been resolved and the work is beginning to shift to focus on individual telephone lines that may continue to be experiencing problems.

If you are experiencing a problem with your office telephone and do not already have an I&TS Helpdesk ticket # assigned, please contact the I&TS Helpdesk so we can open a ticket and properly track the problem through to resolution.  If the problem you experience involved dialing a telephone number, it is very important that you provide that number along with your trouble report in order for us to properly troubleshoot the issue.

You can reach the I&TS Helpdesk by:
Phone:  253-535-7525

Thank you for your patience as work work to resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible.

*Original Post*
Beginning this Friday (8/22) night around 6pm I&TS and our support contractors will be working to upgrade the campus telephone system (PBX).  During the upgrade period a series of disruptions to the campus telephone system will occur.  The outages will consist of:

  -- a brief rolling outage across all campus phone lines resulting in a brief (1-10 minute) interruption of each telephone line
  -- a 3-4 hour period when voicemail service will be unavailable
  -- as well as a possible interruptions to calling to/from campus.

The disruptions are currently anticipated to be completed by midnight, however, extensive testing of campus phone lines will follow our work and testing may continue overnight or through the weekend if any issues are identified.  While no specific issues are anticipated, I&TS and our support contractors will be fully staffed on Monday morning in order to address any issues that may arise from this upgrade process.

Regular updates to our progress will be posted on the PLU System Status page   If you identify an issue with telephone/voicemail service outside of the Friday 6pm-midnight work period please contact the I&TS Helpdesk  (,, 253-535-7525)

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Telephone & Voicemail

Workarounds: Cell phones, e-mail, etc.

Check for periodic updates.

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