Monday, September 15, 2014

*UPDATE* PLU Internet Connectivity Trouble, beginning Sunday, September 14th 10:00pm

WHAT: PLU Internet Connectivity Trouble

WHEN: 9/14/2014 beginning at 10:00pm

WHERE: Campus-wide

Current Status: Resolved

Description: *Update*  The failed equipment was replaced Monday mid-day and after a testing period I&TS rebalanced our Internet service across both ISPs.  At this time it appears the issue is resolved and no further problems/work are anticipated.

*Original Post*
At 10:35pm I&TS personnel were notified of an intermittent disruption to campus Internet service affecting at least one office.  Upon further investigation we found a router provided by one of our campus ISPs was spontaneously rebooting causing a connection interruption.

Until a repair/replacement of the faulty equipment can be completed we have disabled the affected link and will route all campus Internet service through our other ISP.  Throughout most of the day this change should not be noticeable, however, during peak times it is possible some degradation in performance may be noticeable when using Internet services.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Network

Next Update: n/a

Root Cause: ISP provided router is experiencing hardware related power cycling.

Check for periodic updates.

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