Tuesday, December 9, 2014

***RESOLVED*** Google Drive Inaccessible 12/9/2014

WHAT: Users are reporting difficulty with accessing Google Drive, receiving error 500 when attempting to access

WHEN: 12/09/14

Current Status: Open

Resolved: At 9:28 pm, google marked the issue as resolved. If you continue to have issues accessing Drive, please contact the help desk at 253 535 7525.

Update 8:23 pm: Still no word on resolution from google, but work around is to use drive.google.com/drive for the URL.

For us this means when you get the error 500, change the address from:


to: https://drive.google.com/drive

Original Message:

At approximately 7:30 pm, we received reports of accessing Google Drive. Users reported receiving an error 500.

Shortly after we began to receive reports, Google posted a notice on their Apps status blog noting a disruption of service for Drive. The incidents appear to be one in the same, though we will investigate to see if there are other underlying causes.

Service(s) Impacted: Google Apps

Work Arounds: use the url: https://drive.google.com/drive to access; works for some users, but not all.

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update: Approximately 9 pm or as soon as Google updates

Root Cause / Continuous Improvement: To be determined.

Check http://www.plu.edu/status/ for periodic updates.

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