Friday, May 22, 2015

Sakai Unavailable for Turnitin Service Changes - Sat., May 30, 7 - 8am

*** UPDATE *** May 30, 7:34AM PST - Sakai is back online. The planned maintenance is complete.

*** UPDATE *** May 30, 7:00AM PST - Sakai is currently offline for planned maintenance. The Sakai Support team is working to restore this service by 8:00AM (if not before).

WHAT:  Sakai Unavailable for Turnitin Service Changes

WHEN:  05/30/15  Duration:  7:00am - 8:00am PDT

Description:  On Saturday, May 30, 2015, Sakai will be out of service from 7:00am to 8:00am PDT for maintenance. During this time the Sakai Support Team will upgrade the integration between Sakai and the Turnitin Originality Checking service. The currently implemented integration would otherwise reach its end-of-life later this year.

Warning:  As a result of this change, instructors will likely not be able to access Turnitin Originality Reports (and GradeMark annotations, rubrics, etc.) that were generated before this upgrade. Thus, instructors who want to preserve any of these reports will likely want to download PDF copies before May 30. For details see the instructions on how to download each Originality Report.

Also, this upgrade will apply fixes to GradeMark, a grading tool provided by Turnitin that instructors can use on student assignments submitted through Sakai Assignments and Turnitin. For a quick introduction to GradeMark, please refer to "Exploring GradeMark for Sakai Turnitin Assignments".

Service(s) Impacted:  Sakai, Turnitin

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update:  Saturday, May 30, 8am PDT

Check for periodic updates.

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