Thursday, November 5, 2020

Internet Service Provider Outage - Sunday, November 29th 10:00PM - Monday, November 30th 05:00AM

WHAT: PLU Internet Service Provider Maintenance

WHEN: 11/29-30/2020  Duration: Estimated 30 minute outage between 10PM-5AM

WHERE: Internet service in and out of campus

Current Status: Scheduled

Description: One of PLU's Internet Service Providers will be performing maintenance on some of their equipment that supports one of our internet connections.  This work is scheduled between 10:00PM on Sunday, November 29th and 5:00AM Monday, October 15th.

PLU has multiple ISP connections and has designed our connectivity to utilize all links whenever possible.  During this maintenance, our Internet service will be switched to our secondary ISP for all traffic. However, during the transition periods users may experience disruption to their connections.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Internet Service

Workarounds: Secondary ISP should handle most of our Internet service needs.

Next Update:  Following completion of maintenance and confirmation from our ISP.

Check for periodic updates.

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