Monday, December 21, 2020

*COMPLETE* Network Configuration Changes Planned for December 26th - 12:00pm - 9:00pm

WHAT: Network Configuration Changes

WHEN: 12/26/2020  Duration: 12:00pm start time, primary work complete estimated at 9:00pm

WHERE: Campus wide

Current Status: Complete

*Completion Post*
All work has been completed as scheduled and appears to be working as expected.  A few small fine-tuning tasks remain to be completed today and tomorrow that generally should not cause any additional service impacts.  As a reminder please first follow the instructions below if you have issues with your office computer.

*Original Post*
Information and Technology Services has scheduled an update to the campus network that will take place on December 26th.  We expect this change to have minimal impact on any devices or services; however, there are a few things that we would like you to be aware of regarding this change.
  • For those of you that plan to physically return to campus when the break is over and don’t connect to your office computer using Remote Desktop, we ask that you turn off your computer as you leave campus for the holidays.  This will further reduce the possibility of any network disruption with your devices and have the added benefit of power savings when these systems are not in use.
  • For those individuals that connect to their office computer using Remote Desktop, you can leave your office computer turned on, but you will need to make a minor change to the name of the system you enter when connecting.  After Dec. 26th, you will need to append to the name of the system when establishing a connection. An example would be
If you experience any problems getting a connection with your on-campus computer after the 26th, please first try restarting your computer to see if it resolves the issue.  If you are having difficulty connecting to your office computer from off campus and need someone to restart it for you, please contact the Help Desk by calling 253-535-7525 or by putting in a request at  I&TS Staff will be monitoring any voicemail messages that come in related to this issue during normal business hours, beginning Monday, December 28th.  We will respond to network related requests regarding this change as quickly as we can during this time.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Network

Workarounds: Reboot office computer if experiencing issues and re-test connectivity.

Next Update: Updates will be provided as warranted during the work period and upon completion.  No further updates are planned at this time.

Check for periodic updates.

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