Wednesday, February 27, 2013

***Resolved*** Turnitin Originality Checking Service Unresponsive

*** UPDATE *** Feb. 28, 8:54AM - The Turnitin service has been restored to normal operation.

*** UPDATE *** Feb. 27, 4:45PM - The Turnitin service is returning some originality reports back to Sakai, but at a very slow rate. The next update on this issue will be posted tomorrow Feb. 28, 9:30 AM.

WHAT: Turnitin Originality Checking Service Unresponsive

WHEN: 02/27/13

Current Status: Closed

Description: The Turnitin service on Sakai is currently unresponsive.   Turnitin performs originality checking on assignments submitted through Sakai.

Currently, assignments submitted today (and perhaps earlier) have stalled in receiving a corresponding originality report from Turnitin. The Sakai Support Team is currently working with tech support from Turnitin to diagnose and resolve this service disruption as soon as possible.

Service(s) Impacted: Turnitin, Sakai

Workarounds: There are  no workarounds at this time.

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update: Next update at Feb. 27, 5:00PM

Root Cause / Continuous Improvement: The Turnitin engineers reverted an update to their service which had induced a disruption for many institutions, including PLU. The Sakai Support Team will continue to monitor this situation and work with Turnitin tech support for identifying steps to prevent such disruptions in the future.

Check for periodic updates.

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