Tuesday, December 17, 2013

System Status tweets will now come from @PLUSystemStatus


When we launched the PLU System Status page back in March, we did so with the intent of creating a concise and informative webpage for members of the PLU Community to get current information on the various Systems at PLU. In conjunction with the status page and system notification blog, we also created a Twitter account in order to provide instant updates for those who subscribed to our notices.

Our goal with the Twitter account was to be a “just the facts” style source of information, providing the PLU Community with quick updates as they arose. Twitter provided the means for us to reach the PLU Community even if our email and/or network was not functioning correctly. We have purposefully avoided non-status related tweets and blog posts in an effort to keep the primary source of information on the status of our various systems free of clutter.

In an effort to better reach the PLU Community while maintaining this standard of information, we are renaming the Twitter account for status updates to @PLUSystemStatus. The goals here are two-fold:
  1. More accurately reflect the purpose of the tweets and make it clear that these tweets will only be system status notifications.
  2. Free up the @PLUHelpDesk handle for more general use — the newly minted @PLUHelpDesk account will be maintained by members of I&TS to provide a wider variety of communication to the PLU Community from general best technology practices to bits of interest that crop up in I&TS.
Here is how the transition will work:

We will rename the @PLUHelpDesk account to @PLUSystemStatus. By changing the name (instead of making a new account), users who are already following @PLUHelpDesk will receive system status notifications without having to do anything. So, if you are already following the system status page on Twitter, or if you have subscribed as a fast follower by texting to 40404, you will continue to receive the system status notifications you signed up for and nothing else.

You will not be automatically subscribed to the new @PLUHelpDesk account, and will not receive tweets from it. Of course, if you’d like to hear more from I&TS, feel free to follow @PLUHelpDesk.

If you have any questions about the change, please feel free to call us at 253-535-7525 or email us at helpdesk@plu.edu. Or feel free to tweet us @PLUHelpDesk.

Thank you!

Check http://www.plu.edu/status/ for periodic updates.

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