Friday, June 12, 2015

Updated ePass Password Tools

WHAT: Updated ePass Password Tools

WHEN: 6/12/2015

Current Status:  Open

Description: The PLU ePass tools have been updated to provide both added security and flexibility when changing your ePass password and creating your security questions. The system has moved to a strength based system that reduces the number of rules and requirements for the password and interactively calculates its strength as it is typed. The stronger the password, the longer you are able to use it before it expires. The security questions page has also been updated and now provides some options for randomizing the built-in questions or creating a unique question on your own.

For more detailed information on the password change requirements and suggestions on how to create a more secure password, please see our updated ePass Account page.

Related Links:  PLU ePass Password Requirements Quick Guide

Service(s) Impacted:  ePass

Check for periodic updates.

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