Tuesday, September 13, 2016

*Complete* Planned Internet Service Disruption - Monday, September 19th - Lasting approximately 1 hour between 2-5am

WHAT: Primary ISP for PLU will be performing maintenance on our connection.

WHEN: 9/19/16 Duration: Approximately 1 hour between 2:00AM-5:00AM


Current Status: Close

Description: The primary ISP for the PLU campus has notified us that their circuit provider will be performing "service-impacting maintenance" early the morning of September 19th.  The downtime is expect to be 1 hour and will occur between 2:00AM and 5:00AM that morning.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Network

Workarounds: Our firewalls should be able to re-route traffic to our backup connection, but some intermittent disruption could still occur at the beginning and end of the downtime.

Next Update: Following completion and confirmation of ISP work.

Check http://www.plu.edu/status/ for periodic updates.

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