Thursday, October 17, 2013

Internet Native Banner and Java Issues

WHAT: Users are experiencing problems with accessing Internet Native Banner due to a Java Update.

WHEN: 10/17/2013

Current Status: Closed

Description:  When attempting to access Internet Native Banner, users are prompted to update to the newest version of Java.  This will result in one of two scenarios:

1.  User receives a prompt which requests that they update Java -- the user is given three options: Update, Ignore, or Later (indicating ask later)
2.  User is automatically taken to the update page whenever they access Internet Native Banner

Service(s) Impacted: Banner

Workarounds:  In the first scenario, please select "Later" and then close out of all subsequent error message which occur when accessing Banner.  This should be the only time you have to do this until we can resolve the issue with Banner and Java.

In the second scenario, users will need to contact the Help Desk at 253-535-7525 for assistance and we will send someone over to resolve the issue.  

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update:

Root Cause / Continuous Improvement: To be determined.

Check for periodic updates.

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