Monday, April 11, 2016

***Update #3*** Possible Internet Disruption Scheduled for Thursday, April14th Midnight-6am

WHAT: PLU's Primary Internet service connection will be undergoing preventative maintenance.

WHEN: 4/14/2016 Duration: Estimated outage duration is two hours, however the entire Midnight-6am maintenance window is being reserved.


Current Status: Open

*Update #3 - 7:50am*  I&TS has reconfigured our Internet service routing to use a backup service.  While service has generally been restored using this connection, it does not have sufficient capacity to handle our full internet load during peak traffic periods so some ongoing issues with performance and/or connectivity are anticipated.  We continue to await any updates from out primary ISP regarding restoration of service.

*Update #2 -7:15am*  According to our ISP, the work they were doing overnight began around 1:30am and did not go well.  They are continuing to try to resolve the issue, but can provide no ETA for full service restoration.  I&TS will attempt to reconfigure our Internet service routing to use a backup service, but this approach has had varying levels of success in the past.

*Update #1 - 7:00am* I&TS is investigating to determine why our Internet service continues to be offline. Technicians are en route to campus.

*Original Post* Our primary Internet Service Provider notified us today of planned preventative circuit maintenance work that will be taking place early Wednesday morning.  This work is anticipated to cause service disruptions for approximately two hours sometime between Midnight and 6am.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Network and all service access from off-campus

Workarounds: We are investigating whether we can utilize our 2nd ISP connection to provide an alternate service path.  However, please plan to complete any work that may require Internet access from campus, or access to campus services (e.g. Sakai, Banner, etc.) before the work begins.

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update: ASAP

Check for periodic updates.

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