Thursday, September 15, 2016

*Resolved* Mail Services Disrupted on Various Systems - Thursday, September 15, 2016

WHAT: Mail Services Disrupted on Various Systems

WHEN: 09/15/2016  Duration: approximately 1:00am to 8:50am

WHERE: On-Campus

Current Status: Resolved

A service disruption for outgoing email is currently estimated to have occurred between 1:00am and 8:50am on Thursday, September 15 affecting various PLU systems such as Sakai, the PLU HelpDesk, scanners, and other systems but not including PLU Gmail and other Google services. While the outgoing email service has been restored as of 8:50 am, the Sakai Support Team has observed that some email sent from Sakai between 1am and 8:50am may not have actually been sent. Therefore, Sakai users might need to resend messages sent during that period.  It is unclear if any other systems experienced any lost messages, but message delivery delays during that time period were a common occurence. We apologize for the inconvenience.

*Original Message*
There appears to be problem with outgoing mail being sent from various systems.  Scanners, Sakai, and the PLU HelpDesk are among those that have been identified so far.

Service(s) Impacted: Sakai, Scanners, Web Help Desk, possibly others

Workarounds: None at this time.

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update: 10am

Root Cause / Continuous Improvement: To be determined.

Check for periodic updates.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

*Complete* Planned Internet Service Disruption - Monday, September 19th - Lasting approximately 1 hour between 2-5am

WHAT: Primary ISP for PLU will be performing maintenance on our connection.

WHEN: 9/19/16 Duration: Approximately 1 hour between 2:00AM-5:00AM


Current Status: Close

Description: The primary ISP for the PLU campus has notified us that their circuit provider will be performing "service-impacting maintenance" early the morning of September 19th.  The downtime is expect to be 1 hour and will occur between 2:00AM and 5:00AM that morning.

Service(s) Impacted: Campus Network

Workarounds: Our firewalls should be able to re-route traffic to our backup connection, but some intermittent disruption could still occur at the beginning and end of the downtime.

Next Update: Following completion and confirmation of ISP work.

Check for periodic updates.

Sakai Unavailable for Maintenance on Friday, Sep. 16, 6AM PT

*** UPDATE *** September 16, 6:12AM PT - Sakai is back online. The planned maintenance is complete.

*** UPDATE *** September 16, 6:00AM PT - Sakai is currently offline for planned maintenance. The Sakai Support team is working to restore this service by 6:30AM (if not before).

WHAT: Sakai Unavailable for Maintenance

WHEN: 09/16/16 Duration: 6:00AM - 6:30AM PT

Description: On Friday, September 16, Sakai will be out of service from 6:00AM to 6:30AM PT for maintenance. Please plan accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns please email

Service(s) Impacted: Sakai

Estimated Time to Resolution or Next Update: 09/16/16 6:00AM

Check for periodic updates.